Lessons learned in the mountains of Montana

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spanish peaks and gallatin mtnsMontana a land of beauty and beast.  Stunning scenery, amazing wildlife, terrifically cold temperatures, endless expanses of land are just some of the attributes that make life here in Montana a bounty and a bust.

Today while skinning up to a ridge line above History Rock, in the Gallatin National Forest, i was thinking about the valley, the city, the neighborhood where i am calling home base these days.  

The east end of the Gallatin valley, a  bowl  shaped depression surrounded by hills and mountains, is where i am parking my van these days.  From this vantage point i can see all the way west to the Tobacco Root Mountains almost 60 miles away as the crow flies.  What i can not possibly describe all that goes on in the valley, or the various and unique landforms and wildlife that calls this place home.

Skinning up in the mountains is as simple as putting skins, on your boards and hiking upward. Not as easy as it sounds, it is as fun as hiking once you get the technique down.   Yesterday was anything but simple, thinking i could take a short cut i found myself lost in a maze of downed trees bushwacking for hours, till i finally found the trail and made my way out of the forest.tangled messToday was different, stayed on the trail, found the goods, got to snowboard some light fluffy snow.  It snowed all day today and the conditions were mint, light winds, great snow, good light and no bushwacking around the forest looking for snow. Life in the Mountains is good, and peacefull. snowy pastures

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