montana love early dec 2012

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souther bridger mountains


 Montana, the treasure state, is place of unparrelled beauty along with unrelenting weather.  Both of these elements combine to make montana a winter playground like no other. 

Goose creek, a small drainage that comes out of the gallatin national forest land, dumps itself into Trail creek.  The trailhead parking lot is no give me.. it is steep and snow covered and not plowed very well.  The goose creek trail itself is a series of old logging roads that you can follow in many directions.  Aiming for the most direct route to the top of the drainage, is a relatively easy jaunt and can be done in less than an hour for those in shape.goose creek telemarker

Today the weather was calm and partly cloudy at the trailhead, up top it was another story.  20-30 mph winds whipped the snow that was falling into blinding sheets, dropping the tempurature and making life miserable up top,  After digging a quick snow pit to analyze the snow, it was time to put my split board together and board down.  

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