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So after de-ack-tivating my self from nantucket and starting the my rolling winter adventure, a few thoughts come to mind.  

First there is no place like home, (thanks dorothy) in this case nantucket.  The diversity and volume of people and material things is overwhelmig. LIving in a finite place (an island) for so many months of the year, sensory overload, comes at me like a semi truck in a rain storm, forcing a tunnel vision so one just stays on the road.

Anyway, driving on the Teconic Parkway today, the overwhelmingness, of the world slips away. With just trees and road, no cars, trucks, ( trucks not allowed on teconic, so the many signs state), or infrastructure to muddle  my thoughts i gravitate toward gratitude for the awesomeness of life and the ability to recognize and enjoy the  unique level of freedom we have living in the good ole U.S. of A.  More on this theme to come...

I stop on the Taconic at sunset admire the view and ponder the road ahead.. to be continued




Fast forward ahead to Bozeman the snow is falling, its cold and boards are waxed and ready to go.. Ravi Sharkar is gone, but his music lives on...

the snow fell on the first full day in bozeman 2-4 in the mtns, snow covered trees and street lights gave the city of Bozeman  a heavenly glow.  

Looking forward to being inside the mountains....


van on side of road in Taconic Parkway

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